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Integrity 1st Financial Commercial Real Estate Lenders, LLC was formed in 2008 by an investor group that included a team of highly seasoned Bankers, Medical Doctors, Dentist and Business owners. We saw a need to create a Company to provide Business Owners access to credit and business Financial Expertise to help grow their business without all the Hassles and Challenges the Banking Industry is facing.

In today's Financial World, Your Bank is offering less and less options for you as a business owner. You either take the limited Banking Products they offer you or they say NO.

Integrity 1st Financial has and continues to establish relationships with:

  • Multiple Banks throughout the U.S.
  • 6 of the Countries Top National SBA Lenders
  • Non-Bank Capital Sources
  • Life Insurance Lenders
  • CMBS Wall Street Lenders
  • Capital Sources funding Loans and Capital

Whether you are a business owner looking to purchase real estate for your business, construct a new building for your business, refinance an owner-occupied property, purchase a business or get working capital to grow your business, Integrity 1st Financial has the Lenders and Financial Products ready to help you and your business.

If you are a real estate investor looking to refinance your current investment property or acquire a new property, we provide you the Expertise and Knowledge to give you the best Lending Programs to get your property financed. We also have extensive experience in helping borrowers work through difficult Bank relationships, discounted note payoffs and short sales of real estate.